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About us

A few words about us

Established in the fall of 2010, Fashion For A Cure (FFAC) is Non-profit organization that provides health literacy for heart disease and cancer through its fashion resources. We offer various forums for dialogue and awareness-building by fusing the societies of fashion and healthcare through education, and community service to empower communities. FFAC has established itself as one of the fastest growing and most notable fashion fundraisers in New Jersey.  



Our Mission

Fashion For A Cure mission is to utilize various forms of fashion to perform charitable work as it pertains to healthcare. Fashion and healthcare has internationally established themselves as two of the most influential and admirable fields of industry. The vision of Fashion For A Cure allows the bridging of gaps between organizations and people that offers and needs services.

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Our Vision

Fashion For A Cure focuses on three things:

1) Producing fashionable events and apparel to help raise funds & educate about Heart Disease and Cancer.

2) Educating families on how to engage and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through the program Fitness And Mental Education (FAME); we provide workshops and activities that will focus on multiple ways to secure a healthy life. We are devoted to ensuring that our communities have the resources to defeat unhealthy habits and improving health risk.

3) Providing financial assistance to support families in need with high medical expenses. Support is displayed through coverage of prescription drugs, transportation and physician co-payments cost. 

By focusing on these three components FFAC creates a culture of accountability and empowerment for their staff and the community in which they serve.  With a great number of individuals effected by health issues, Fashion For A Cure is the common place to uplift and support the people who share similar life experiences.