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Building A Team For Success ~ Models/Talent

Building A Team For Success ~ Models/Talent

I recently had a close friend of mine ask for some advice on how to get into the modeling industry.  Shortly after sharing a little bit of knowledge i received a second call from a young music artist looking to make his break in the music industry, but he wanted help finding an agent.  That got me to thinking, maybe there are a few other people out there that are seeking the same information.  That prompted me to write this article assisting all of your aspiring artist and talent.

Goals, Plans, and Hopes.


Looking for representation?  You must first outline what it is that you plan to accomplish, set the goals and seek out a team best suited to help you achieve them.  A celebrity team consist of individuals that are talented in specific fields of image development.

Key Positions In Talent Development

  • Manager
  •  Publicist
  • Agent
  • Entertainment Lawyer
  • Booker
  • Promoter
  • Photographer
  • Make Up Artist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Creative/Art Director

A good manager will be able to help you cultivate relationships and develop a strong team.

The managers job is to advise, direct and support you and the development of your career.  Without soliciting you for work, their responsibility is to encourage clients through great relationships to consider you for work.  Keep in mind, a manager cant persuade a client to work with you, you will only get the job if you are what they are looking for.  The managers job is solely to submit you as a package. In order to solicit talent for work, a manager must enlist the services of an agent.  its illegal for managers to solicit work talent/models.  The agent must have a certified license byt their state to represent models.   If you are S.A.G eligible, then your agent must also have a S.A.G. license or you will lose yours.

Attaining an agent license is not easy because it requires test, background checks and it is very expensive.


Researching talent managers is as easy as looking for talent/models that you know are successful and find out who represents them.


When being approached by anyone int the industry, you should inquire on the following:

  • Who do they represent now?
  • Who have they represented?
  • What roles did they play in that persons career?
  • Were they responsible for the talents accomplishments =, or did they take up space?
  • Google their names
  • Ask for a resume or look it up.
  • Make sure they have experience in you field. Stay clear of frauds and scammers.  A record producer has nothing to do with managing models, nor does Chief of Security or a club promoter.

A mangers sole goal is to take your career all the way, and make money for both of you in doing so.

Its customary for a manager to take 10-20% commission off the top of every job that is contracted by them.  All of this should be negotiated by contract.  Contacts can be exclusive(all work) or non-exclusive(only solicited by them).

Always have your lawyer explain your contract to you. Learn about contracts yourself so you can understand when your lawyer explains it to you.  Never sign a contract without consulting your lawyer first.

Lastly, remember that a manager works for you!  They don not control you or your career.  You are the boss!  They are there to advise and direct, so dont be fooled or bullied into a working agreement that does not produce that why it should.


I hope this helps and provides a strong template for you and your careers.  Best of luck 🙂