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What Happens to Your Body When You Ditch Meat?

What Happens to Your Body When You Ditch Meat?

Going vegetarian or even vegan is getting more and more popular. The good thing is that nowadays, if you stop eating meat, you no longer have to worry about coming off as a weirdo. Ok, maybe some religious meat eaters will still think you’re nutz, but living without meat has never been easier. With plenty of vegetarian restaurants and blogs with delicious recipes, it’s clear that forgoing meat doesn’t mean eating just bland-tasting meals.


You may ask yourself what exactly does going vegetarian do to your body and health – today I’m here to walk you through all these amazing changes and benefits that vegetarianism has to offer you. There are plenty of them, so we’ll focus only on the most important ones.



The inflammation in your body will be reduced


Animal products, both meat and dairy are known to be inflammatory foods. They can induce chronic inflammation in your body which puts you at risk of developing some serious health issues, such as heart attack, diabetes, and even cancer, among many others. Shifting towards a diet free of meat will naturally make you eat more veggies and fruits (yes, that’s just my assumption since you can eat potato chips and chocolate every day and still proudly call yourself a vegetarian). A diet rich in vegetables and fruits is naturally anti-inflammatory which is extremely beneficial to your body and can even make you lose stubborn fat if you stick with such way of eating.


The way your genes work will change


It may be hard to believe but going meat-free can influence your genes in some major ways. Following a vegetarian diet can elongate your telomeres which are the endings of your chromosomes. It’s been proven that these tiny guys are responsible for keeping you looking young and in good health. Shortened telomeres have been associated with premature aging and death but the good news is that your lifestyle plays an important role in keeping them nice and long.



Your gut will benefit too


Gut sometimes is called your “second brain” because of its astonishing number of neurons. It really as important as your brain since all health begins in the gut. It’s responsible for your immunity and even weight, among other things. Researchers at the Harvard University have discovered that the changes in your microbiome happen very quickly – even after two days of a meat-rich diet, the proportions of different bacteria in your gut change. One specific bacterium thrives on a diet full of meat and it has been linked to inflammation and intestinal disease in mice.


I know that giving up meat can be hard but if you take a look at the health benefits that will follow, this tough decision will get a little easier. Try to think of it as an experiment – do your best to eat no meat at all and plenty of nutritious foods for just a few months and see how you’ll feel. I’m sure that the sacrifice will be worth it and maybe you’ll even want to switch to a 100% plant based diet! But that’s enough for now. Just go have your last hamburger, I know you want to.