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Creative Director

Title Creative Director
Categories Staff
Location South Orange, NJ
Job Information

Creative Director

The Creative Director will be the creative genius reinforcing the FFAC brand through the production of multimedia outlets – photography, videography, web. You will work with the Marketing Director to create various campaigns and media content to promote the show and community activities and strengthen the FFAC brand. You will be a member of the Executive Board and integral in the decision making process. Your job is also to help instill a strong, positive collaborative dynamic in staff and reinforce the organizational culture.

  • Working with the FFAC Media team to be in alignment with the branding and collaborating to maximize efficient production and archiving
  • Working with the Marketing Director to create, manage, & own the branding of FFAC through rich multimedia content
  • Coordinate with Creative Dept to ensure that all design, photo, video, and website projects are completed within deadlines.
  • Send all Creative Design content to Exec Board & Marketing Dept
  • Managing a diverse team of creatives that will need guidance and art direction
  • Understanding copyright issues and drafting contracts with freelancers on ownership of materials produced from FFAC events, campaigns, and ad hoc items (watermarking/credits)
  • Coordinate with webmaster for web content
  • Producing & directing finalist intro videos for main showcase (priority over music video)
  • Producing & directing any supplementary video content for live show & for social media (YouTube, Instagram, ETC.)
  • Participate in Director’s conference calls once every month.

Basic Requirements

Before applying, please look over the list of the basic requirements. We pride ourselves in having a team that is active, responsive and passionate about our cause. An applicant must:

  • Commit to a one-year term
  • Participate in all staff meetings and calls
  • Participate in one community service activity every two months
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