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Whats the Buzz about The Ujima Celebration

Whats the Buzz about The Ujima Celebration

Fashion For A Cure (FFAC) and Instilling My Ability to Naturally Embrace Excellence Inc. (IMANEE)
Presents the 1st Ujima Awards

Unsung heroes exist throughout community committing noble acts of courage with little recognition or acknowledge, Fashion For A Cure and IMANEE decided to change that. Collectively both organizations devoted time to form the Ujima Awards, a ceremony that honors the loyalty and dedication of change agents in our communities. When speaking in regards to Ujima Awards, Founder/Program Director of IMANEE, Lauren Jackson stated, “Aristotle once stated that ‘excellence is not an act but a habit’, we want the Ujima Awards to thank, salute, and support these dedicated leaders for developing an effortless habit of excellence.”

Titled after the third principle of Kwanzaa, Ujima, meaning collective work and responsibility, this ceremony will serve as a platform of celebration of individuals as well as organizations for their relentless and selfless service to build and maintain communities throughout New Jersey. The celebration will consist of community performances along with award recognitions of a combination of four individuals and organizations. The four award recognitions are:

· Award for Political Activism

· Award for Community Excellence

· Award for Youth Involvement

· Award for Professional Development

No community can reach its fullest potential without celebrating and encouraging respect of those who continue to make it a better place for the individuals who reside in it. Sean Christopher, Founder/CEO of Fashion For A Cure, stated “This is something new for us, but it is imperative that as leaders in the community, we set aside time to acknowledge those who have paved the way as well as those traveling the paths with us; Ujima Awards is becoming that foundation.”

About Fashion For a Cure:

Established in the fall of 2010, Fashion For A Cure (FFAC) is, one of the fastest and most notable fashion fundraisers in New Jersey. It is a tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Featuring national and international designers who employ ethical means and practices in their design and manufacturing processes to produce products that promote awareness and raises funds for research of various diseases and illnesses of a given community, FFAC provides a forum for dialogue and awareness-building about how fashion, textiles, and design can fuse two societies (fashion and healthcare) and empower communities. For more information visit

About Instilling My Ability to Naturally Embrace Excellence:

Instilling My Ability to Naturally Embrace Excellence, Inc. (IMANEE) is a non-profit organization focused on the success of young adults (13-18) from all different walks of life. Through various forms of programming and workshop, we will expose young adults to new ways of thinking and living. Through various community activities and service projects, young adults will interact and develop mentoring relationships with change agents in our community who will assist them on their journey. Our mission is to develop the leader within all young adults no matter their cultural or socio-economic background. We believe that all individuals have the ability to excel and take their place as change agents in our community. IMANEE strives to instill positive thinking, a greater sense of self and a natural ability to embrace one’s excellence.